Li Ka Shing’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Li Ka Shing’s Top 10 Rules For Success

Li Ka Shing is a Hong Kong business magnate, investor, and philanthropist. According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, as of 16 April 2014 he is the richest person in Asia. As of November 2015, he was listed by Forbes as having a fortune of $34 billion. He’s Li Ka Shing and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success:

1. Devote yourself to work

Li Ka-shing in September 2010
Li Ka-shing in September 2010

Li Ka-shing started working at an early age. He followed three (or two) things:

  • Work
  • Hard work (Working alone is not enough. If you want to succeed, you need to work hard.)
  • Ability to make money

According to Li Ka-shing, you need to be interested in your business. “If you are interested in your business, you are bound to do well.” Having interest is important. It is impossible to give something your best if you are not interested in what you are doing. Highly successful entrepreneurs love what they do.


2. Give your employees a sense of belonging

Li Ka-shing encourages that the staff be given a sense of belonging, and to make them feel at ease. He also believes that “the secret of management is simply identifying and making use of talent.” To do this, they must first feel that they belong. It is not that you should trick them into feeling that they belong, because there must be sincerity. They belong because they are truly a part of something meaningful. Moreover, In an interview, Mr. Ka-shing said that your staff should also like you.

3. Don’t waste your money

Li Ka-shing once shared an interesting story:

  • One day, he accidentally dropped a two-dollar coin, which rolled beneath his car. He squatted down to get it back. A guard nearby saw him and helped him retrieve his coin. He kept the coin and gave the guard one hundred dollars.

According to Mr. Ka-shing, if the coin had not been picked up and the car moved, the coin would fall down the drain and would be lost forever.   Here is a wisdom from Mr. Ka-shing: “Money may be spent but never

[caption id="attachment_1088" align="alignright" width="300"]Money Don't Squandered Money Don’t Squandered[/caption]


4. Acquire knowledge

Li Ka-shing became an apprentice at the age of 12. At 15, He started to support his family. To him, knowledge is very important. Even today, he reads every night before going to sleep.

5. Map out your strategy

All his senior staff know that he demands efficiency. He wants everyone to be prepared and not waste any time. Instead of complaining, focus on being prepared. He believes that being prepared is important, and it also lets you give the best suggestions.

6. Be prepared for rainy days

Unlike other entrepreneurs who become arrogant and careless, Li Ka-shing remains cautious at all times. “We don’t get carried away when times are good.” he said.

7. Strive for improvement

Do not be like most people who stay in their comfort zone. Always strive for improvement. To improve is to learn and grow. Most of the time, it also demands sacrifice. “If I allowed myself to be arrogant, I’d fall one day.”

8. Look beyond money

[caption id="attachment_1089" align="alignnone" width="300"]Beyond Money Beyond Money[/caption]

Everybody knows that the main objective of any business is to earn profit. It is all about earning money. However, Li Ka-shing believes that business means more than earning lots of money. “There are things that might bring in a lot of money but I wouldn’t do. As long as we can keep our dignity, life becomes more meaningful.” he said.

9. Fight for your principles

Principles are important. Sometimes the real test of a man is how long he could hold on to his principles. Mr. Ka-shing has laid down the following principles:

  1. A liberal economy that allows free movement of assets and remittances that do not require official approval
  2. Freedom of personal movement
  3. Permanent resident status

10. Contribute to the world

When Li Ka-shing was ten years old, a war broke out. He had to be always on the move. He said that ”if I make up for what I lost in my youth… like education and medical health. If I can make contributions in such areas as long as I am up to it… I would like to do more.” Make the world a better place. After all, regardless of territory or country, everybody shares the same planet. He also encourages that everyone should “sow good seeds in the world.”

According to Forbes – Li Ka Shing, Li Ka-shing is the richest person in Hong Kong, with a net worth of $30.7 billion USD.

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