Jack Ma’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Jack Ma or Ma Yun (his Chinese name) is a business magnate and is one of the richest persons in the world. He is the founder and executive chairman of Alibaba Group. What makes his life so fascinating is that he encountered so many rejections and failures along his way to greatness.


If you ever feel like giving up on your dream, you will surely get inspired and find courage by reflecting on Jack Ma’s 10 rules of success.

  1. Get used to rejection

Jack Ma applied for study at Harvard and was rejected 10 times. He also applied for 30 different jobs but was rejected each time. He applied for a job at KFC, and out of 24 applicants, he was the only one who was not accepted. He applied to be a police together with 4 other people, and again he was the only one who was not accepted.

  1. Keep your dream alive

It is important to keep your dream alive. Despite humiliating rejections and failures, Jack Ma continued to chase his dream. Get inspired and never give up. After all, what good is a man without a dream?

  1. Focus on Culture

Jack Ma is not against technology. In fact, his business relies heavily on technology. However, for him, it would be better if you focus on the culture. Be of service and help people. This keeps the employees motivated and the business a success.

  1. Ignore the “Littleman”

The “Littleman” is usually referred to as your critics or simply those who do not understand your idea. Jack Ma was called crazy many times because of his idea of Alibaba. Now this is easier to read than to apply in life, but you have to stay strong. It seems fair to say that the “Littleman” cannot do any danger, for it can only be understood by another “Littleman.” It only becomes a real threat when the “Littleman” inside you yields to its temptations to give up.

  1. Get Inspired

Get inspired. Inspiration is important in pursuing one’s dream. You need to keep its flame alive and strong. Inspiration leads to passion and passion often leads to stars. There are many things to draw inspiration from. You can get inspiration from your family, friends, and those who have already taken the path you are pursuing. Jack Ma also drew inspiration from the movie, Forrest Gump.

  1. Stay Focused

When you take a step towards your dream, there are many things that can come and distract you. Some distractions even come in the form of opportunities. Jack Ma said that many other opportunities came to him. However, he knew what he really wanted and did not let anything to come between him and his dream.

  1. Have a Good Name

Yahoo was the biggest player when Jack Ma was still building his empire, Alibaba. He made Alibaba a global name. Of course, having a good name does not just mean being known worldwide, but also to have a good reputation. And to do so, you must render service with dignity and honesty.

  1. Customers are #1, Employees #2, Shareholders #3

Jack Ma focuses on his customers. He wants to serve and help them. To him, customers are always number one. Of course, the employees are also given special attention. Jack Ma loves his employees and trains them to become leaders. The shareholders are the last on the list, because shareholders are mainly there for profit.

  1. Don’t complain; look for opportunities

The pursuit of something valuable is never said to be easy. Problems are inevitable. Do not complain and continue to look for opportunities. Continue to get inspired and keep on moving forward no matter what people say or think.

  1. Have passion

You must have passion in what you do. Jack Ma faced so many failures but he did not let the fire of passion to be snuffed out from his heart. When Jack Ma was building Alibaba from nothing, he said that if they only followed the usual 8AM to 5PM working hours, nothing would happen. There is only one thing that can make a man work beyond the ordinary: Passion.


Success does not come easily. It demands hard work, passion and devotion. After all, if a man should dream, why not dream for something big and meaningful? Get inspired; never give up. And above all, have faith.



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