How to rank well on Baidu search engine (like Google version in China)

Baidu SEO Content: Quality Matters

Baidu SEO
Baidu SEO

The days when you simply build enormous backlinks to your website to draw more traffic regardless of quality of the contents are over. If you want to rank well on Baidu and generate continuous traffic, your site must be packed with good quality contents.


What is quality content?

Quality content is important to rank well on Baidu. It means that the content should be informative enough to help its readers. The length of the article is also important. It should not be too short that it fails to explain to the readers what they need to know, and it should not be too long that it is simply full of keyword stuffing. It should also follow a neat format with little or no grammatical errors for a more convenient reading experience.

Quality content draws readers

The quality of your site’s contents is what compels a reader to read the articles and other posts on your site. A reader must learn something new and useful with every article. This is also the way to keep your visitors returning to your website.

It creates trust

[caption id="attachment_706" align="alignright" width="115"]Baidu Trust You? Baidu Trust You?[/caption]

Have you noticed that those who rank well on Baidu and generate tremendous amounts of traffic are those who have established a good name and relationship with their readers? Quality content makes a reader trust your website.

It commands action

Trust commands action. Whether you want your readers to buy a product, sign-up to a newsletter or promote your brand on social media, quality content is what you need. Your site will rank well on Baidu when people promote it via social media. However, before anyone can effectively promote your website, the contents of your website must be worth sharing.

Consider the competition

The quality of an article should be compared with the quality of the articles on the same subject. Your contents may be good, but not as good as others. If you want Baidu to display your website on the first page, make your contents are more comprehensive than the others.

New contents

Baidu gives attention to new contents. Therefore, you should regularly update your website with new posts and articles. When adding new contents, make sure to share up-to-date information.


Quality matters if you want to rank well on Baidu. Of course, the common SEO techniques of using keywords and observing the right keyword density are still important.

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