How to Find a Manufacturer in China

Find China Manufacturer
Find China Manufacturer

Looking for a manufacturer to make your product at a lower cost? Having a manufacturer in China can be your best option. China has low labor cost and can provide your raw materials for a cheaper price. Learn how you can easily find your China manufacturer:

Utilize Internet search engines

Thanks to technology, you can easily find a manufacturer in China from the comfort of your home. Businesses, especially the legitimate ones, always have websites you can visit anytime. You can also access the following business-to-business (B2B) trading platforms online:
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Make a phone call

Make sure to check the “Contact Us” page when you visit a manufacturer’s website. This page often has a number that you can call. Just a note: Not all Chinese can converse in English, but it is worth trying. Making a call is good to quickly get answers and clarifications. It is also wise to make a call or correspond via e-mail before you visit China.

Visit China

The best way is still to go to China and see a manufacturer in person. This also decreases the probability of getting scammed. Moreover, it will be easier to meet other manufacturers in China once you are already within their territory. Attend a trade show, if possible. It is a good opportunity to personally meet legitimate suppliers and manufacturers. It is also a good way to discover other business ideas.

Connect via social media

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The social media is known for connecting people and businesses worldwide. You can use this to connect with a manufacturer in China and receive the latest updates.  Be sure to check the comments posted by other people, as well as the number of followers that a manufacturer has.



  • Make sure you that you deal directly with the manufacturer and not with a middleman.
  • Ask the manufacturer in China to provide you with their company registration number to prove that they have a license to operate.

Remember that being listed on business-to-business (B2B) platforms or having a license does not always reflect a manufacturer’s quality of products and services.

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