How to buy from Taobao – the Taobao Shopping Guide

How to buy from Taobao – the Taobao Shopping Guide

Taobao is Chinese shopping website similar to Amazon and eBay. It is famous for being the place where you can buy variety of items at an incredibly low price. It is a perfect platform for small businesses and entrepreneurs to sell their items. With over 800 million product listings, Taobao surely has everything you need. Follow these steps to shop at Taobao and enjoy an easy, hassle-free experience.

  1. Translate the page into your preferred language

Taobao is not an English website, so do not be intimidated when you see Chinese characters. The solution is simple: Use the translate language feature of your web browser to make the whole shopping experience more convenient.

  1. Register

Registering an account with Taobao is easy. It is just like signing up for a Facebook or an e-mail account. The process, including the verification, usually takes less than two minutes to complete.

  1. Search

Use the search bar to easily locate your product. You can filter the search according to Taobao seller’s reputation, popularity and prices, among others.

  1. Buy only from a reputable seller

To ensure smooth transactions, buy your items only from a well-established Taobao seller. You can check a seller’s profile to see how many successful transactions he has already made.

Buyers can also rank the sellers. The following shows the rankings from lowest (hearts) to the highest rank (yellow or gold crowns):

  1. Hearts (lowest rank)
  2. Diamonds
  3. Blue crowns
  4. Yellow/Gold crowns (highest rank)

Before placing an order, be sure to read the reviews/feedbacks posted by other buyers.

Taobao Feedback
Taobao Feedback
  1. Payment

Transactions in Taobao are in Chinese Yuan (RMB). Payment can be made via online banking or Alipay. You can also purchase a money recharge slip from any post office in China. Take into account the shipping fees, insurance, commissions, and other applicable charges. Talk with your Taobao seller to clarify the shipping terms and fees.

If you are a foreigner, before making any payment, communicate with the seller and ask if he can ship internationally. Many sellers in Taobao do not ship overseas because of language barrier. Moreover, check the laws in your country for any restrictions and applicable taxes and charges, if any.

  1. Shipping

After making payment, all you have to do is wait for your item to be delivered. The delivery period depends upon the mode of delivery you have selected, whether via DHL, China Post, or China Air Mail. Of course, faster delivery means higher payment.

China Shipping
China Shipping
  1. Write a feedback/review

Once the whole transaction is completed, help other buyers as well as your trustworthy Taobao seller by giving a feedback regarding your overall experience with the seller. Be honest and fair when writing your review, so that other buyers will not be misguided.

  1. Consider hiring a Taobao agent

A Taobao agent can make the entire process more convenient and easier for you. Of course, there will be additional costs when you hire an agent. Hire only certified Taobao agents and always check their reviews posted by other buyers.


Shopping at Taobao is easy and fun. It is a trusted platform for buying and selling all sorts of products. Sign up for an account today and enjoy shopping at affordable prices.

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