Find a Reliable China Business Partner


There are tons of benefits you can get from finding a reliable China business partner. A Chinese can assist you in dealing with your business processes and language barriers, among others. Moreover, many Chinese have rich entrepreneurial spirit, which makes them excellent partners in business.

Trade shows

Attending trade shows is a good way to find legitimate suppliers. It gives you an opportunity to meet various suppliers face-to-face and ask them about their products and services. Hence, it is also a way to find a Chinese business partner. Chinese suppliers and entrepreneurs attend various trade shows worldwide. If you manage to visit China, there are two major business trade show events to look for:

  • The Canton Fair, also known as the largest trade fair in China; and

  • The East China Fair, which is considered as the largest regional trade fair in China.

Search online

Thanks to technology, you can easily find a China business partner from the comfort of your home. If you know where to search, you just have to access the Internet and choose from various Chinese suppliers and potential partners online, There are two e-commerce platform which are popular in China:

Use the Contact Us page

If you find the website of a potential business partner, click on the Contact Us page. The Contact Us page usually shows an enterprise’s e-mail address, telephone number, Skype ID, even its business address.

Social media

It is easy to connect and promote through social media. It is also used by businesses worldwide, and it could be the place where you can meet your China business partner. It also allows you to see a business’ following, as well as the comments and reviews posted by other people, which can help verify the legitimacy of a business or partner.

Ask for referrals

You can always ask for referrals from your family, relatives and friends. This could be beneficial, especially if the potential business partner referred to is known to them personally. Remember to exercise caution and diligence even when a business partner or supplier is referred to you by a trusted person.


There are many ways to find a China business partner. You just have to be open and keep watch for opportunities. Who knows, your business partner might be on the next social media post, trade show, or web search results.

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