Effectively Promote Your Business Through China Social Media

Social Media is all the rage these days. It connects people, products and businesses with one another. If you want to have more customers and increase your profit, why not tap a bigger market? Promoting through social media is free and the news about your business can spread instantly. China is a big market with approximately 634 million netizens. Just imagine what it can do to your business once you tap the big Chinese market.

China Social Media
China Social Media








Before you promote on social media, you must first have an established website. This is because the links shared on social media must be directed to a place where people can know more about your business.

Good Contents

Be sure that the contents of your website have professional quality. The articles must be well-written with no or little mistakes in grammar; otherwise your site will look unprofessional. If you are not fond of writing, you can always hire writers to fill your website with helpful articles. It is the contents of your website that will make the visitors come back to your site.

Readable in Chinese

Not all Chinese can understand English very well. If you want to tap the big Chinese market, be sure that your website is either written in simplified Chinese or at least capable of being translated into Chinese.

Website quality

Make sure that all the pages of your website work and load quickly. Avoid uploading big-sized videos and images, because not all places in China have fast Internet access. Use JPG instead of PNG for images.

Make friends and connections

Social media is about interacting. No matter what you share in social media will not have good visibility if you do not have substantial number of connections or followers. The quality of your connections also matter. You will surely benefit a lot when someone with a huge and active followers re-shares your post. Take time to connect with people and give kind comments on the posts of others. It is about giving and receiving. The more active you are, the more connections you get, and the more likes, re-shares and comments you will have when you share something.

Submit your site to Baidu

[caption id="attachment_379" align="alignright" width="218"]China Baidu China Baidu[/caption]

Make sure to list your site on Baidu if you want to be discovered by the big Chinese market. Baidu is a popular search engine established in China. It is used by around 80% of its netizens. Before you submit your site, make sure that your website follows Baidu’s rules.

Maintain a good reputation

Social media is not just about sharing your business to the big Chinese market, it is also where people share their experiences. It is important to protect your good reputation; otherwise, you may get famous in social media in a bad way. Most people believe what they see in social media, especially if the news is continuous. So, always maintain a good reputation.


Much of the efforts to successfully promote your business through social media happen outside social media. Social media is an echo of something beautiful, something that is worth sharing.

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