China’s Largest Wholesale Markets

World Wide Trade Power - from WTO
World Wide Trade Power – from WTO

China’s Wholesale Products

Overall, China has a very large market for product wholesaling. This is true not only in the country of China itself, but all across the world. Some of the largest suppliers here in the U.S. and even all around the world come from China’s Market. Everything a person could want or need is sold by wholesale in China and even outside of China. Everything from clothing, electronics, shoes, handbags, wallets, auto parts, building materials, baby products, books, computers, eye-wear, furniture, jewelry, household products, toys, watches, appliances, and so much more. China’s economy and market strongly depends on the amount of money and product that is sold, traded, and sent out through wholesale. Due to the large amount of space available in the country and the large number of people who live in the country, the wholesale of products is very simple, effective, and profitable for the country. All three are advantageous to the growth and expansion of not only the country’s economy but to the country’s stock market. Growth in both categories not only makes you a very wealthy and attractive country to other countries, but it shows that China has power and money, which is a very attractive trait to have when looking into the business of importing and exporting with other countries.

China’s Largest Wholesale Markets

Yiwu China
Yiwu China
As mentioned above, the Chinese Economy has made a lot of strides over the past few decades from it booming wholesale industry. Some of the biggest players in the wholesale industry for China are the textile industry, the lighting industry, the clothing industry, the shoe industry, the electronics industry, and the computer industry. Yiwu, China has become a major world wide hub for this wholesale industry. The city itself is made up of five different shopping districts, each together occupying approximately 46 million square feet. Throughout all of this, thousands and thousands of vendors who sell to countries all over the world. Guangzhou is another major city in China that is a major supplier of wholesale industry in China.


In this city lies many clothing markets, furniture markets, and shoe markets that help to keep this city relevant and provides quite a boost to China’s economy. Thanks to the large warehouses located in both cities, wholesale has never been better for this country. With the warehouses, this country has the space to hold all of the supplies and goods for buyers to purchase. With today’s booming industry of online shopping, the amount of traffic and sales made from the wholesale industry has greatly increased. This, in turn, provides quite a boost to the shipping industry in China’s market as well as worldwide shipping. Online shopping and the online business has been over run by the the Chinese Market, as wholesale is king right now. The price is always better, the convenience is evident and makes life easy, and the shipping comes quicker because of the amount of wholesale items that are coming and going on a day to day basis.

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