China’s Import and Export

China has a very large economy and stock market, which help make the country a great resource for importing and exporting. The country itself is overwhelming in its economic boost that has taken place over the last 35 to 40 years and a large part of this massive shift is due in part to the import and export industry in China. Without the back and forth trade business between China and the rest of the world, China would not be where it is today and would be lacking in so much. I doubt that the country would really be good for much of anything at all without the import and export trade established between themselves and the rest of the world.

China export 2014
China export 2014

China is in fact the world’s largest export economy and as a result not only brings in a lot of money from the service, but also keeps close contact and alliances with most other countries due to the services. In 2014, China exported around $2.3 trillion of goods and imported around $1.53 trillion dollars, which provided the country with a fantastic balance of almost $835 billion. Five of China’s main imports are computers, telephones, office machine parts, broadcasting equipment, and integrated circuits. The top five imports in the country are crude petroleum oil, iron ore, integrated circuits, cars, and gold. All of these are a major part of the world we live in today.

The Impact that Chinese Import and Export has Worldwide


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The vast majority of the world’s computer parts, telephones and office machine parts come from China. China is the main producer of such parts and as a result is the main exporter of said parts. Without the country’s exports of said products all across the world, there would be limited amount of efficient and properly working computer mechanics. Most of the working world today’s runs on and, let’s face it, is dependent of these parts and of the computers that function on these parts. Without the exports of China, then other large countries like the U.S. could not use the parts or even sell them in their country, which in turn causes an increase in the U.S. Market. The United States buys the most office supply parts from China by far, followed by Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, and South Korea. China makes its living off of these companies in constant demand of these computer parts. Out of the group, computers are by far the largest money making export for all of China, and for obvious reasons. Computers have become a very large market worldwide and aren’t going anywhere in the near future, which is good for the Chinese market.

Just think if China were to stop exporting these electronics goods across the world, what would happen to the markets, worldwide?

What would happen to the import and export system as we know it?

Where would people receive the computer and officer supply parts in such a scenario. The constant growing and expanding of the Chinese Market is a very important and integral part of the industry for all of the world.

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