Advantages of Dealing with a Dropship Company

Business owners usually avoid dealing with dropship companies, so that they can save on cost. However, there are instances when dealing with a dropship company can be beneficial for a business.


Many dropship companies offer more convenient services than manufacturers. A business owner will no longer have to worry about shipping and quality of the products, and so he will be able to focus more on his business. Dropship companies will also be the one to handle the issues that an entrepreneur would encounter if he was to deal with the manufacturer himself.

Language barrier

Language barrier is a common issue in business. For example, a Chinese manufacturer and a foreign entrepreneur may not be able to close a profitable deal simply because they cannot communicate well with each other. Instead of regularly hiring an interpreter which will cost lots of money, you can seek assistance from a dropship company that has a good relationship with the Chinese manufacturer.

Easier to find

While manufacturers are busy producing their products, dropship companies continue to find clients. They match a manufacturer’s goods with the needs of another business. There are also more dropship companies than manufacturers. Thus, they are easier to locate.

More choices

Since there are many accessible dropship companies, you have more choices as to which among them can give you the best service. Negotiate with them and choose the one that offers the best deal. In making a choice, price alone is not the only determining factor. You should also consider the reliability, trustworthiness and additional services offered by these companies.

You can negotiate

Just like when dealing directly with a manufacturer, you can also negotiate with a dropship company, so that you can get the best rate. Dropship companies are mostly willing to negotiate, especially if they see you as a possible long term client. Remember that dropship companies need clients like you, so do not be shy to haggle down the price.

Other opportunities

Dropship companies usually handle different kinds of products. You can order other products that you can sell from your dropship company. Depending on the agreement, it can be on consignment basis without you having to spend anything, or you can purchase the products with a good discount.


Although the best way to save money is to go directly to a manufacturer, there are circumstances where a dropship company may become the better option. Sometimes the money spent when dealing with a dropship company is becomes worthwhile, especially when it allows you to focus more on other important parts of your business.

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