8 Tips buying China products from experienced buyers

8 Tips from experienced China buyers

Be very patient. Use multiple sources. Demand to speak with existing customers.

 Barry Samuels, President, Brands & Images
Sourcing in China since 2000
Use professional assistance with experience of production in China.

 Karl Fredmark, Owner, Powerbox Internatiuonal AB
Sourcing in China since 1990
Be aware of the extra time you need to invest in every project when doing business with China suppliers. Make a decent QS and get it signed by the supplier. If you don’t have your own QC, hire a company that can do the QC after production and before shipment. If it seems to be too difficult, then look in your own country if there are workshops where you can learn more about doing business with China. In most countries, there are companies who are specialized in doing business with Asian suppliers. They are willing to help for a fee of course.

 Elroy Haarbrink, Buyer, Royal Talens
Sourcing in China since 2000
We took legal steps resulting to our entire satisfaction.

 Taff Aris, General Manager, Matero Ltd
Sourcing in China since 1990
Make sure that the factory understands your product.

 M. Van Bennekom, Office Manager, Leen Verpakkingen
Sourcing in China since 2000
Consider all the production options that are available – just where is the best place to add value. Check that the approvals house is recognized worldwide.

 Ray Bennett, Managing Director / Owner, I.E. Ltd
Sourcing in China since 2001
Make every effort to get to know who you are dealing with before placing an order.

 Dick Konefke, General Manager, Eaton Commercial Supply Corp.
Sourcing in China since 2002
I think visiting the factory and actually meeting the suppliers personally to form relationship first.

 Anna Sekoto-Sacre, Managing Director, Manakedi Ltd
Sourcing in China since 2008

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