4 More Tips for Shopping at Taobao

4 More Tips for Shopping at Taobao

It is easy to navigate through the Taobao website, especially once you have translated the page into your preferred language.

This article covers 4 topics:

  1. How to translate Taobao’s pages
  2. How to quickly find an item on Taobao
  3. How to view a seller’s reputation
  4. Taobao delivery options (domestic)

 How to translate Taobao pages

The quickest and easiest way to translate Taobao’s pages into your preferred language is by using Google Chrome as your web browser. Google Chrome has a feature that automatically translates web pages into your preferred language. Be sure that you are using the latest feature of Chrome.

How to quickly find an item on Taobao

There are millions of different items on Taobao. To quickly find the item that you want, you should make use of the Taobao search bar and apply the filter feature. There are several options on how you want the search to be filtered. The most commonly used filter is the price filter where you can put the minimum and maximum price that fit in your budget. It is worth noting that if you are on the homepage of Taobao, the filter feature will only appear after you search for an item using the search bar.

How to view a seller’s reputation

Not all sellers in an e-commerce platform can be trusted. Just as there are good and trusted sellers, there are also sellers who offer poor quality products and poor services, while some others just want to scam and rip you off your money.

Seller's Reputation
Seller’s Reputation

When choosing a seller, always check his reputation. In Taobao, a seller’s reputation is represented by one of four symbols:

  • red hearts (least): 4 – 250 points
  • blue diamonds/gems: 251 – 10,000 points
  • blue crowns: 10,001 – 500,000 points
  • gold crowns (greatest): more than 500,000 points

A seller’s symbol depends on the number of points he has acquired from his buyers. Every positive rating gives a seller 1 point, but a bad rating will make a seller lose a point. You can easily find a seller’s reputation by looking just below his name. Next to it, you can also view the seller’s rating as given by other buyers. Of course, the highest rating is 100%. Be sure to read the reviews left by other buyers.

Taobao delivery options (domestic)

Delivery is an important part of any e-commerce platform. It is important that the items should be delivered without any damage and delay.

There are three options:

  1. China Surface Mail
  2. Express Delivery
  3. Express Mail Service (EMS)

China surface mail is not a highly-recommended option, because it will take the items more days to be delivered and there is a higher probability of incurring damage to the items. Moreover, it usually requires the recipient to receive the items at the post office.

Express delivery is the recommended option. It is faster and more reliable than the China Surface Mail. It is also the most common option used by businesses.

Of course, if you want the fastest and most reliable service, EMS is the way to go. However, it will also cost you more money. If you have questions regarding the delivery, do not hesitate to contact Taobao’s customer support and your seller.

Taobao can be your most favorite ecommerce platform in the world, especially if you know how to properly navigate through the site. It is the place where you can purchase products at a cheaper price, allowing you to buy and save more.

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